Power Grid

Around 31% of US carbon emissions are associated with electricity generation from fossil fuels. State incentives enable us to both save money and displace fossil fuel from the grid by choosing renewable energy choices. Truly, these are win win solutions. 

Sign up for GridRewards

Rivertowns Mayors are collaborating to give people a chance to lower their carbon footprint while earning cash. You don't have to be a homeowner or have solar. All you need is a Con Edison account.

What is GridRewards?: GridRewards is an app that sends you a message on peak energy usage days alerting you to reduce usage. You will probably get between 5 and 10 texts a summer. All you need to do it lower your usage on those days (for example don't run the washing machine or dishwasher or dryer and turn down the AC) - if you actually do that you get sent a check by Con Edison for helping to reduce the load on the grid on those peak days. There is no penalty for not doing it, you simply won't get rewarded come September.

Why is it an important initiative?: The price of electricity is pegged to peak day energy usage, so if we all reduce usage on the days that are predicted to be peak days not only do we lessen the load on the grid, but we influence how the price of electricity is determined. This initiative lets us work together to reduce the load on the grid (which in turn will peg the price of electricity at a lower rate), reduce our own carbon footprint and ... we will actually get sent money for doing all that!

LEARN MORE at https://sustainablewestchester.org/gridrewards/

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)

Westchester Power is a program of Sustainable Westchester enabling the village of Irvington to select 100% renewable energy as the default supply for residents. Working in partnership with 28 other communities, the program is able to aggregate demand and negotiate a low and stable rate for power. Through CCA, Sustainable Westchester was responsible for the largest purchase of renewable energy in New York State history. Any resident may choose to opt out of the program at any time at no cost, so there is really no risk. 

Learn more from the village here. 

Selecting an Energy Service Company

As long as Irvington participates in CCA, it is our opinion that there is no advantage in subscribing to an ESCO. Westchester Power secures a low rate for 100% New York State renewable energy and ESCOs tend to 'balloon' rates, inflating prices the minute your contract ends. If you have subscribed to an ESCO, you will not be enrolled in the CCA. You can read more about the comparison here. Reach out to Westchester Power here to learn about switching. 

Learn more about Community Solar here.