Recycle Right

Please download the Westchester Zero Waste Recycle App, which is the most current place to find what to recycle where and when!

Always reduce use first, reuse whenever possible, and then Recycle Right!

The Village of Irvington recycles:

  • Plastic, glass, and metal (+ milk and juice cartons) can be commingled; items should be empty and rinsed.

  • Paper/cardboard must be separated and broken down flat; DO NOT include wet or greasy paper.

  • For everything else, "when in doubt, leave it out of the recycle bin".

  • Soft plastics (e.g., plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap, mailers, etc.) cannot be commingled and should instead be recycled at your local supermarket.

Labeled recycling containers are available at local hardware stores; however, other suitable plastic containers (e.g., Rubbermaid storage bins) can also be used. It is important that recyclables not be placed inside of or commingled with plastic bags.

DPW has a collection schedule for your neighborhood, and a list of what can/cannot be recycled at the bottom.

Westchester continues to recycle

According to Lou Vetrone, Deputy Commissioner of the Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities, Westchester County continues to be able to sell all the recyclable material that our residents put out on the curb. Westchester's recyclables are considered very high quality on the recycling market because Westchester has maintained a "dual stream" recycling system. When we take the time at home and in our schools to separate our cardboard and paper from our rinsed plastics, metals and glass, we prevent the paper and cardboard from being "contaminated" and ruined by broken glass, residual food, etc.

Food Scraps

Food scraps are valuable, but not in your household recycling bin. Composting organic materials, such as food scraps, reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or at combustion facilities. However, food scraps put in household recycling bins can actually ruin valuable recyclables and those equally valuable food scraps are lost as well. Let’s #RecycleRightNY - don’t cover your recyclables in food! Your plastics want to become clothing, carpeting, and playground equipment and your cardboard wants to become the box for your next doorstep delivery! Food, excess food residue, and liquids in your recycling bin can decrease the value of these items and prevent them from being made into new things. Help improve the quality of your recyclables by only putting items in your household recycling bin that your local recycling program accepts. Visit the DEC's website for more information on #RecycleRightNY and home composting

Learn more about Irvington's Food Scraps program here.

Mom's Organic: Corks, Batteries, Food Waste

This wonderful purpose-driven grocery store will take your batteries, corks as well as food waste. Enjoy shopping their well priced organic selection when you go: